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Preston and Laura Congratulations!! – 9 June 2012

Preston and Laura got me out of Pittsburgh!
I had the pleasure of performing at their wedding in Johnstown, a market I had hoped to be exposed to for a long while. When they contacted me, Preston informed me I was his choice, because of the diversity of my musical knowledge, and how impressed he was with my reviews and recommendations. I was very proud to hear I was so highly regarded. We shared many different ideas to bring their reception to life, which made the flow go really smoothly without any guessing.
The happy couple chose the talents of In-Vision Studio upon my recommendation, which gave me an extra boost of confidence, knowing they trusted my input. Photographers Steve and Barb Barry, also had ties to Johnstown, so is was serendipitous to have them involved.
The Frank J. Pasquerilla Center was a great venue to play in. The manager, Pablo, and his staff, were quite polite, and made my experience in Johnstown very pleasant.
The uplighting was in the capable hands of Dustin Greene of Top Dog Productions, and coordination of event planner Joelle Hadix

I would like to thank everyone for their hospitality, and especially Preston and Laura for choosing Nameless Entertainment πŸ™‚
All my best!


The longest thank-you letter I ever got :-)

Even I was impressed with the things they had to say about me. It’s letters like this, that make me want to do my job forever! Let’s read, shall we?…….

Dear Arron,
I’m sorry that we were not able to create a video testimonial for you after our reception. It had been a very long, hot day. However, we did want you to know how much we truly appreciated the things you did to make our wedding day so special.

From the first time we met with you, we knew you were going to be an amazing DJ. There was no question in our minds that we should book you for our wedding. We knew we had nothing to worry about in terms of the entertainment with you in charge. That was a huge relief for a bride that was worrying about everything under the sun, and the groom who had to put up with her. You understood what we wanted to see at our wedding and you made it happen on our special day. During the planning stage, you were very open and honest. You shared our opinions and experience, but you never said, “This is how I do it.” Even when we considered goofy ideas that were obviously not your personal style, like boy band medleys, you were on board. You wanted us to be happy.

On the day of the wedding, you took the lead. You made sure everything ran smoothly and it did. Despite the diversity of our crowd, you managed to get them all up and dancing at one point or another. You played as many requests as you could while still respecting the atmosphere that Steve and I wanted to create.

We were so excited to be the first couple to use the personalized light. It was absolutely beautiful! It really added to the dΓ©cor in the room. We would definitely recommend this extra personal touch to other couples. It made a very nice background for our wedding photos.

Your props brought even more fun to the night. The little kids [and a few of the big ones too] loved the glow necklaces. The leis and straw hats really brought the conga to life. I think our personal favorites were the headlight and the football used during the garter/bouquet toss. It was nice to have a few things that were even surprises to us on that day.

Even when the night was cut a little short, you kept things moving smoothly. You kept the party going until the very end. I don’t think anybody left feeling like something had been missed.

Even several month later, people still talk about how much fun they had at our wedding. That was thanks to you! You brought the party to life and made our wedding reception a truly memorable one! Our guests have done nothing but rave about what a phenomenal job you did. We will certainly be recommending you to anyone who is planning a special event. we cannot thank you enough for making our wedding more wonderful than we could have imagined.

Thank you again!
Stephen and Lauren Kofchak
July 24, 2010

A matter of courtesy: It’s alright to say no

The most difficult part of writing about this particular subject, without sounding bitter, or like I’m owed something, was trying to not make this personal.
Please understand, that is not the case, but I believe it is a subject that should be addressed. This is not a pricing issue (although it seems it could be), it is a matter of manners and reciprocal courtesy. I am speaking on behalf of other vendors that I have discussed this with as well.

Let me first begin by saying, no, I DO NOT expect every prospective client that calls, to book my services!

I’ve noticed an unfortunate growing trend amongst new prospects. After initiating first contact, they aren’t even courteous enough to return correspondence, once their prospective vendor has done their part in replying to a request. This is a strange thing to me, after attending a few focus groups, and reading different chatboards, one of the things most of the brides complained about, was the vendor they were interested in, did not reply quickly enough, if at all. So, why isn’t your prospective vendor entitled to the same courtesy?
The main question I would like to pose, if after you’ve made an inquiry, your vendor has promptly replied, and you are no longer interested, do you feel the next appropriate action is to ignore them? A lot of vendors in my industry are independent operators, which means you are dealing real people, not callous corporate entities, that will forget you the moment you hang up. This of course, is not everyone, but the number is growing.

The cyber world allows people to be even more distant than ever before, and making it more difficult to be personal in a situation that requires one to be personable. It is very misleading when speaking to a prospective client, everything seems to be going well, so you decide to call or e-mail back to follow up, and suddenly, they are impossible to get a hold of. I understand being busy, we all are when planning important events, but the time you could have taken to tell them you are not interested, is probably a lot shorter than the time it took to ask the numerous questions, that you were given all the answers to, before you decided to reject their services. You have basically told them that their time has no value to you. Would you like for your chosen vendor to not contact you, after they’ve found someone to fill your date? I’m sure that would not be a very pleasant surprise.

For some reason, it seems rudeness is the new standard of communication, and it is a one way street. Could you imagine if vendors took the same route as some of their prospective clients? The chatboards would be on fire with horrible reviews, and we would all be out of business!

Just remember, being polite is like having insurance, you never know when you may end up needing it (because that same person you ignored, might be the only one available in case something happens), but it’s always nice to have. Believe me, unlike the Alison Krauss song, it’s better to say “no”, than to say nothing at all.


WOW!! It’s been over a year!

I guess I didn’t have the time I thought I would have to update the blog!

A short note for people who haven’t been following Nameless Entertainment on Facebook, things are going well, they could always get better, but that nature of progression.
2010 was a vast improvement over the previous year, and the bookings for 2011 came pretty quickly. 2010 also brought about joining Twitter, still learning the ropes, and significance of it…. I’ll let you know how that works out!! If you’re interested @DJNamelessPGH

2011 is also a landmark year, Nameless Entertainment celebrates 10 years in business! I’m pretty excited about that, and I’m forever grateful to all the former clients, and friends that have supported me throughout the years.
I’ll wrap it up, and I really hope I will have more content to add to the blog this year…… Until later…..


Busy Busy Busy (sorry I stayed away so long!)

Well, things are looking up for Nameless Entertainment, and I would like to thank all my past and future clients for making it happen for me πŸ˜€
2010 has been a great year of recovery, after an admittedly dismal 2009, and the future is very bright! Look for new features offered by Nameless Entertainment, I’m pretty excited about them myself.

I would also like to thank my fan-base on Facebook for their support, I really appreciate that!!

I will make a greater effort to be more diligent, and keep up with the blog. I have a lot of interesting subjects to address, and I am really looking forward to writing about them.
Until then….

Heart or Wallet? (how would you choose your wedding entertainment?)

I’ve pondered many times, how to approach this subject without sounding self-important, or coming off as offensive. I also have come to an understanding, that different people have different opinions of what the most important part of their event is. With that being said, here goes…

If you believe entertainment is the most important part of your event (Outside of yourself, of course), read on. If not, stop here, I do not want to offend you.
I believe entertainment is one of the most important factors of an event. Not because I am an entertainer, but from my experience as a consumer as well.

I was once single, and my future wife and I both read the same books and magazines that you are probably reading right now. You know, the ones that give you tips on how to skimp as much as you can on your limited budget, and the 52 step questionnaire you should use to interview your potential DJ for your reception?
Here is one tip that can be of unquestionable value: THROW THAT BOOK AWAY!!!
Chances are, if you are meeting with a true professional, the answers to those questions are going to be exactly what you want to hear, thus wasting a good 10-15 minutes of your meeting.

Let me tell you something you haven’t already heard. I am a personable man, and I like to get to know who I’m working for, I also want to present who I am, instead of telling you how many songs I have. An interview goes both ways, a professional will not only want to get to know you, but will also determine whether or not they want to work for you. Believe it or not, I don’t see potential clients as walking dollar signs, but future friends. I want to make sure our personalities are compatible.

I will not try to dictate how much you pay for your DJ, pricing is another subject. What I will tell you, is that your hiring of wedding entertainer, hinges on how much you value your event. I like to see wedding receptions as an investment in your memories, and you want to protect that investment, correct? Think of how you would buy a car, would you just jump into the first thing you see, just because you need a ride now? I would look the thing over, see how it would be practical in my everyday use, and hopefully test drive the thing, before I made my decision. I would hope my potential clients would take the same measures before hiring me.

In closing, the main focus of hiring your entertainer, is that you are comfortable with them. Look for someone that will LISTEN to what you want, and not TELL you about how great they think they are (and bombard you with all their “extras”)! Shopping by price alone can burn you, so be careful.

Happy shopping πŸ™‚

A welcome change

This is a story I would like to repeat a thousand times!

I recently met a couple that are getting married soon, and could have sworn they read a page from a book I haven’t written yet.
The future bride and groom were very excited to talk about what they wanted for their reception, and, more importantly, wanted to get to know me!

For the first time in my career, I had a couple actually tell me how annoying it was, to hear from DJs telling them about what speakers they used, how many songs they had, and what kind of lights they used. I found it quite refreshing, they were more interested in my personality, and what I would do for their wedding reception, as a performer, as opposed to asking how many speakers I would bring. They were confident enough with my professionalism, to know I would have the appropriate equipment necessary to do my job.

The fact that this couple was comfortable with me as a person, and happy to meet me, made the experience enjoyable for both sides, and we booked the reception without hesitation. Things go much smoother with informed consumers.

I wish they could all be like that πŸ™‚