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Tips for attending bride shows….. From a man’s prospective

Well gents, the wedding show season has begun, and if you’re lucky enough to be chosen to attend, your betrothed will probably be toting you around a bustling hotel or convention center, to shop for all the elements to create her dream wedding.
So to ease the tension and stress of feeling you’re just along for the ride, I’ll give you a few pointers to help you survive.

Some show promoters feature a man cave to give you some “relief” from walking around doing “girl things” all day (not a good idea). Truth be told, nothing could be more selfish than to volunteer to go to a show with your woman, knowing you had no intention of spending any time with her. I guarantee, SHE WON’T LIKE IT!
Hey, it’s your wedding too! You have decisions to make, and she brought you along because she respects your opinion (unless you have a bridezilla, then no one is safe), and it’s a great way to show solidarity as you face pushy vendors. And if she has no support, she could get bullied into choosing a vendor you won’t like.
She may want to linger about with the vendors that interest her most. Take note, these will probably be the things you are going to discuss later. Besides, you don’t want to be the bad guy for rushing her through the show, do you?
Remember #2? Your opinion has great value if she brought you along. Don’t just say “yes dear” or “whatever she wants”. If she wants to share the experience, believe me, she’s going to want to know what you think.
This is also a time for you to get a grasp on some of the things you may be interested in. You won’t believe how much you’ll begin to care, the closer you get to your date. And if you do happen to separate, at least make sure you have something in hand, to show you were serving a purpose. And I would advise not making too many excuses to run to the restroom, she’ll get a sense you won’t want to be there.

These hints come from my many years of exhibiting, and at one time, attending bride shows. The best you can do is give your best, and if you won’t be there in spirit, it’s best not to be there at all. Better than getting the mad eye or silent treatment on the way home, that’s a long ride!
Follow this advice, and it will be all good, shop well men, and enjoy the show!



Tips for navigating bridal shows….. Just a few hints.

Brideshows, bridal fairs, bride expos, wedding productions…..
I fondly refer to them as “The Circus” Even though they are a necessary evil for me, I love doing them, because the atmosphere presents many new opportunities for me. Whatever you know them as, you can find lots of valuable information, if you are focused, and up to the challenge. These helpful hints may guide you along, so that your experience will be more pleasant, and you can get on track to planning your dream wedding.
Here goes…..

1) Wear comfortable shoes:
Although being fashionable is always good when you are out in public, this is really not the best time to be cute. Convention centers have hard floors, and even when you go to a hotel show, where the floors are carpeted, there will be lots of walking involved. If you want to last more than a half an hour, do yourself the favor.

2) Don’t go alone!:
Ever heard the term, “There’s safety in numbers”? I’m not saying you have to bring an army with you, but it does help to have one or two people to discuss important matters with you. Preferably someone that will actually be involved with your wedding, and can offer differing opinions or reinforce your decisions Your MOH, mother, and (depending on whether or not it’s football season) your groom to be, are definitely good people to consider tagging along. Some vendors can be really aggressive with their approach, and you become an easy target, which could sour your taste about attending another show.

3) It’s best not to send a proxy:
I’ll tell you why. Even someone with the best intentions, will never be as excited as you are about your big day. I’ve seen it a hundred times. Parents, siblings, friends of the bride and groom, will blow through the building as quickly as possible, and gather tons of information for you, leaving you to sift through two bags full of fliers and cards, thus putting you back at square one…. Having no idea where to start 😦

4) Try to attend more than one show:
The number of vendors available for each category is astounding. There is quite a bit of information to process, and trying to find the right fit for every possible vendor in one show, can be really overwhelming. Try to focus on 1-3 things at a time, and take each show in small doses, there is a lot to see, and with patience, you’ll get through it just fine.

And last…….

5) Try to be in a good mood 🙂 :
This is also something I’ve seen a lot of. When you are in a bad mood, you make bad decisions. Come on, it’s your wedding!! What ever may be the cause of you not being happy at the moment, could really stress you out when shopping around for your vendors, and a rash decision could result in buyer’s remorse. But if you absolutely HAVE to go in a cranky disposition, remember #’s 1 & 2, comfy shoes, and lots of friends!

These are not words to live by, because I’m not telling you what you have to do, but from my experience as a vendor, and from what I’ve observed, this can definitely help, as you search for the people that will make the day of your dreams come true.

Hope this helps 🙂

Easy Street and Carson City Saloon

Are you looking for a unique place to hold your small gathering, of blowing off some steam before your big day? Well I have two for you! Carson City Saloon and Easy Street bar & restaurant. I love these two legendary Pittsburgh hot-spots. You can host your bachelor/bachelorette party in the private room at Carson City, or run a muck with with the crowd, in one of the nation’s best sports bars!!
Easy Street (Brought to you from the Carson City brain-trust) is a nice venue for your smaller wedding receptions, or special celebrations, but don’t let me tell the story….

Whether you’re in something borrowed and blue, turning the big 4-0 or landing a new account at work. Easy Street can provide the perfect setting for you! With our outside patio and family style seating, we provide a welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff to set the mood for any occasion large or small. Our patio can accommodate up to 150 people and our entire bar/restaurant can accommodate up to 300 people. We customize every event to ensure we deliver exactly what you need. Join us, roll your windows down, relax and take a ride down Easy Street.

Our event planning is perfect for: Corporate Functions, Wedding Receptions, Rehearsal Dinners, Bridal Showers and much more.
Contact our event coordinator Laura Wilcox today by email easystreetpghevents@yahoo.com or by phone at

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Stirring things up: Different ideas for wedding reception formalities

By now, everyone in America has seen, or heard of the wedding video featuring the bridal party doing their entrance to the Chris Brown song “Forever”
This routine was very creative, but not entirely new.

Many brides and grooms are shying away from the “traditional” formalities, and going with anything that comes up in their heads, and with the help of a flexible entertainer, these ideas can become a reality

The aforementioned video was the church entrance, but the same idea can be applied to the reception as well. I’ve had a few wedding receptions where the bride and groom wanted to set the tempo with their grand entrances, and here’s what happened…..

About 5 years ago, this was the first, and only time I’ve done this – The bridal party was divided by parents, groomsmen and ring bearer, bridesmaids and flower girl, then the bride and groom. Each group had their own song, and the intros doubled as a chance for the photographer to get some unique extra shots.
Some other ideas for intros, have been each couple in the bridal party had their own song, and did a little skit upon entering the room. These entrances bring an uptempo atmosphere to the party, and lets everyone in attendance know, that the mood will be high energy for the entire evening.

Looking for a new twist on your dances?
Doing your own version of “The Evolution Of Dance” is always a neat idea! (You can see my link to Jason and Kayla’s wedding)

On this particular occasion, the members of the bridal party didn’t know each other very well, so the B&G decided to do something really fun. Instead of the awkwardness of having to dance with strangers, the bridal party did the “Cupid Shuffle”. It was a unique way to start the party, and the audience got a good laugh! I stopped the music, and had them each go out and bring back someone to the dance floor, and everyone was ready to go.

If you don’t want to get too emotional, but still want to dance with your parents, perhaps you may want to incorporate a swing dance, or something more upbeat for the bride/father, groom/mother dance.
A really nice idea a former client of mine had. The groom’s mother didn’t want to do a slow song, because she knew she would cry. So, they choreographed a routine to “Ice, Ice, Baby”, that was pretty awesome!

The great thing about your wedding day is, it’s your day. Whatever you are looking for, to implement new ideas to make your reception more memorable, the sky is the limit. And of course, you can always call me!

Smoodz – Smooth Mood Essentials

If you are looking for some nice gifts for your bridal party, or something for the holidays, I would recommend Smoodz!

I have used the services of this company for a few years, and the products are really nice. I have given gift bags away at some of my events, including charity events, and wedding receptions. Smoodz offers a nice selection of bath and body products, candles, and floral designs.

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