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A bad experience too hard to title

After 20 years of entertaining, I have never really run into a fellow service provider that I hate to work with. I mean, there are always some with questionable work ethics, and maybe kind of sloppy, but no one I absolutely flat out refuse to work with (well, there is a certain caterer too). Until now…..

Professional courtesy prevents me from publicly naming this particular individual, but soon enough, when any of my future prospective clients have already booked him, I will turn down the job.

This man is a great photographer, but unfortunately, is as crude as any imaginable caveman would be. He is insulting, he drinks at all his events, he call people by the wrong name (and I mean brides and grooms!) he hits on bridesmaids, and he is a perverted jerk. That all seems forgivable, because clients love his finished product, and really has nothing to do with me.
Where it gets ugly, he has referred me a few times in the past, and I have booked less than 50% of the names he has given me, but most were solid clients, and actually have ended up liking me, more than him. We had a standing agreement, that I would offer a discount for my services, as a good faith gesture for the referral. The last couple times we’ve worked together, he had mentioned the fact that I have not given him anything, and I kindly replied, “I don’t work that way, you don’t have to refer me anymore”. This most recent time, he went on to actually name other entertainers, that have given kickback, ranging between $50-$100. I once again replied “you did not have to refer me”.
It baffles me, I give your clients a discount, and then you ask me for money, I lose twice, not exactly a fair deal. What am I supposed to do, quote a higher price, pretend to give a discount, and then kick back to you?!?!?

The last nail came on 30 September 2011. He walks into the room, and the first thing he says is “are you gonna thank me for getting you this job?” First of all, you gave me a referral, I got myself the job. Second, I called and thanked you, when I booked, how soon we forget! He next went on about how other guys have given him money, where’s mine? He next mentioned how much weight I’ve gained, which I have not, besides, I have a scale, a mirror, and a doctor to tell me I’m fat, but thanks for pointing that out 😉 Now he has done that on more than one occasion, and I’ve put my pride on a shelf, because it may or not have been good business. Where his COMPLETE lack of professional courtesy comes in, he interrupts me in the middle of my welcome speech to the wedding guests, to plug his company!! I believe photographers are really important, but to blatantly sidetrack the emcee, while he’s addressing the crowd, diminishes, and undermines the sense that I have direction of the event. He has done it before, but has at least waited until I’ve finished my welcome speech. I was able to recover, and directed ALL the attention to him, and seemingly joked with the guests, that he needed recognition. But I’m sure the damage was done, and the guests questioned my control of the event.

So, for the first time in my career, I have a DO NOT CALL list, and if anyone mentions this photographer, I will respectfully decline the event. I would hope he learns his lesson, but unfortunately, he is one of the top photographers in Pittsburgh, and he’s close to retirement, so his actions will likely go unnoticed, and unpunished.


WOW!! It’s been over a year!

I guess I didn’t have the time I thought I would have to update the blog!

A short note for people who haven’t been following Nameless Entertainment on Facebook, things are going well, they could always get better, but that nature of progression.
2010 was a vast improvement over the previous year, and the bookings for 2011 came pretty quickly. 2010 also brought about joining Twitter, still learning the ropes, and significance of it…. I’ll let you know how that works out!! If you’re interested @DJNamelessPGH

2011 is also a landmark year, Nameless Entertainment celebrates 10 years in business! I’m pretty excited about that, and I’m forever grateful to all the former clients, and friends that have supported me throughout the years.
I’ll wrap it up, and I really hope I will have more content to add to the blog this year…… Until later…..



As I take time to reflect on on the things I am thankful for, I also realize that giving thanks is not only about the holiday.

I would like to thank the creator for giving me the ability and personality to do what I love to do. I am also thankful to all my past clients for allowing me to be a part of their lives, and my future clients as well.

Business this was not the greatest this year, but we all found a way to make due. As 2010 rolls around, things are picking up and I am looking forward to all the wonderful experiences that await me, and NAMELESS ENTERTAINMENT! This job, to me, is more than just being a DJ at someone’s event. It gives me the opportunity to make new friends all over the place! And that’s a lot to be thankful for.

I want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving, in what ever way you celebrate, kiss your loved ones, and remember what makes you thankful.

Stirring things up: Different ideas for wedding reception formalities

By now, everyone in America has seen, or heard of the wedding video featuring the bridal party doing their entrance to the Chris Brown song “Forever”
This routine was very creative, but not entirely new.

Many brides and grooms are shying away from the “traditional” formalities, and going with anything that comes up in their heads, and with the help of a flexible entertainer, these ideas can become a reality

The aforementioned video was the church entrance, but the same idea can be applied to the reception as well. I’ve had a few wedding receptions where the bride and groom wanted to set the tempo with their grand entrances, and here’s what happened…..

About 5 years ago, this was the first, and only time I’ve done this – The bridal party was divided by parents, groomsmen and ring bearer, bridesmaids and flower girl, then the bride and groom. Each group had their own song, and the intros doubled as a chance for the photographer to get some unique extra shots.
Some other ideas for intros, have been each couple in the bridal party had their own song, and did a little skit upon entering the room. These entrances bring an uptempo atmosphere to the party, and lets everyone in attendance know, that the mood will be high energy for the entire evening.

Looking for a new twist on your dances?
Doing your own version of “The Evolution Of Dance” is always a neat idea! (You can see my link to Jason and Kayla’s wedding)

On this particular occasion, the members of the bridal party didn’t know each other very well, so the B&G decided to do something really fun. Instead of the awkwardness of having to dance with strangers, the bridal party did the “Cupid Shuffle”. It was a unique way to start the party, and the audience got a good laugh! I stopped the music, and had them each go out and bring back someone to the dance floor, and everyone was ready to go.

If you don’t want to get too emotional, but still want to dance with your parents, perhaps you may want to incorporate a swing dance, or something more upbeat for the bride/father, groom/mother dance.
A really nice idea a former client of mine had. The groom’s mother didn’t want to do a slow song, because she knew she would cry. So, they choreographed a routine to “Ice, Ice, Baby”, that was pretty awesome!

The great thing about your wedding day is, it’s your day. Whatever you are looking for, to implement new ideas to make your reception more memorable, the sky is the limit. And of course, you can always call me!


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