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Tips for attending bride shows….. From a man’s prospective

Well gents, the wedding show season has begun, and if you’re lucky enough to be chosen to attend, your betrothed will probably be toting you around a bustling hotel or convention center, to shop for all the elements to create her dream wedding.
So to ease the tension and stress of feeling you’re just along for the ride, I’ll give you a few pointers to help you survive.

Some show promoters feature a man cave to give you some “relief” from walking around doing “girl things” all day (not a good idea). Truth be told, nothing could be more selfish than to volunteer to go to a show with your woman, knowing you had no intention of spending any time with her. I guarantee, SHE WON’T LIKE IT!
Hey, it’s your wedding too! You have decisions to make, and she brought you along because she respects your opinion (unless you have a bridezilla, then no one is safe), and it’s a great way to show solidarity as you face pushy vendors. And if she has no support, she could get bullied into choosing a vendor you won’t like.
She may want to linger about with the vendors that interest her most. Take note, these will probably be the things you are going to discuss later. Besides, you don’t want to be the bad guy for rushing her through the show, do you?
Remember #2? Your opinion has great value if she brought you along. Don’t just say “yes dear” or “whatever she wants”. If she wants to share the experience, believe me, she’s going to want to know what you think.
This is also a time for you to get a grasp on some of the things you may be interested in. You won’t believe how much you’ll begin to care, the closer you get to your date. And if you do happen to separate, at least make sure you have something in hand, to show you were serving a purpose. And I would advise not making too many excuses to run to the restroom, she’ll get a sense you won’t want to be there.

These hints come from my many years of exhibiting, and at one time, attending bride shows. The best you can do is give your best, and if you won’t be there in spirit, it’s best not to be there at all. Better than getting the mad eye or silent treatment on the way home, that’s a long ride!
Follow this advice, and it will be all good, shop well men, and enjoy the show!



The longest thank-you letter I ever got :-)

Even I was impressed with the things they had to say about me. It’s letters like this, that make me want to do my job forever! Let’s read, shall we?…….

Dear Arron,
I’m sorry that we were not able to create a video testimonial for you after our reception. It had been a very long, hot day. However, we did want you to know how much we truly appreciated the things you did to make our wedding day so special.

From the first time we met with you, we knew you were going to be an amazing DJ. There was no question in our minds that we should book you for our wedding. We knew we had nothing to worry about in terms of the entertainment with you in charge. That was a huge relief for a bride that was worrying about everything under the sun, and the groom who had to put up with her. You understood what we wanted to see at our wedding and you made it happen on our special day. During the planning stage, you were very open and honest. You shared our opinions and experience, but you never said, “This is how I do it.” Even when we considered goofy ideas that were obviously not your personal style, like boy band medleys, you were on board. You wanted us to be happy.

On the day of the wedding, you took the lead. You made sure everything ran smoothly and it did. Despite the diversity of our crowd, you managed to get them all up and dancing at one point or another. You played as many requests as you could while still respecting the atmosphere that Steve and I wanted to create.

We were so excited to be the first couple to use the personalized light. It was absolutely beautiful! It really added to the décor in the room. We would definitely recommend this extra personal touch to other couples. It made a very nice background for our wedding photos.

Your props brought even more fun to the night. The little kids [and a few of the big ones too] loved the glow necklaces. The leis and straw hats really brought the conga to life. I think our personal favorites were the headlight and the football used during the garter/bouquet toss. It was nice to have a few things that were even surprises to us on that day.

Even when the night was cut a little short, you kept things moving smoothly. You kept the party going until the very end. I don’t think anybody left feeling like something had been missed.

Even several month later, people still talk about how much fun they had at our wedding. That was thanks to you! You brought the party to life and made our wedding reception a truly memorable one! Our guests have done nothing but rave about what a phenomenal job you did. We will certainly be recommending you to anyone who is planning a special event. we cannot thank you enough for making our wedding more wonderful than we could have imagined.

Thank you again!
Stephen and Lauren Kofchak
July 24, 2010

Easy Street and Carson City Saloon

Are you looking for a unique place to hold your small gathering, of blowing off some steam before your big day? Well I have two for you! Carson City Saloon and Easy Street bar & restaurant. I love these two legendary Pittsburgh hot-spots. You can host your bachelor/bachelorette party in the private room at Carson City, or run a muck with with the crowd, in one of the nation’s best sports bars!!
Easy Street (Brought to you from the Carson City brain-trust) is a nice venue for your smaller wedding receptions, or special celebrations, but don’t let me tell the story….

Whether you’re in something borrowed and blue, turning the big 4-0 or landing a new account at work. Easy Street can provide the perfect setting for you! With our outside patio and family style seating, we provide a welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff to set the mood for any occasion large or small. Our patio can accommodate up to 150 people and our entire bar/restaurant can accommodate up to 300 people. We customize every event to ensure we deliver exactly what you need. Join us, roll your windows down, relax and take a ride down Easy Street.

Our event planning is perfect for: Corporate Functions, Wedding Receptions, Rehearsal Dinners, Bridal Showers and much more.
Contact our event coordinator Laura Wilcox today by email or by phone at

412-235-7984 or 724-554-5488
to book your next private event.

How do you feel about uplighting?: I choose ADS

As the trend of uplighting is growing ever more popular, I’ve noticed a lot of my fellow entertainers expanding their services to include uplighting.

I think it’s a nice idea, but I also believe I should stick to what I’m good at. I operate best as an entertainer, and my focus remains to provide a memorable show. Besides, I’ve also noticed complaints from other DJs, that the venues are getting all the credit for setting up the room so nicely! Such a shame that the hard work is credited to someone else, even if you are making a good return.

My belief is: Leave the work to those to whom it is intended!
Would you hire a photographer to DJ your wedding? How about getting your florist to shoot video? See what I mean?

As far as monogram, and dance lighting, I do offer those, but uplighting should be handled by people that specialize in lighting. I would feel horrible, if I had charged someone for uplighting, and something went wrong that would cause me to spend time troubleshooting a faulty fixture, or a program failing, thus pulling me away from my responsibility as an entertainer!

This is why all my referrals for lighting will go to ADS Lighting & Staging. They are very good at what they do, because that’s all they do! ADS is the exclusive vendor for event uplighting at The Pennsylvanian on Penn Ave. in Pittsburgh, PA. Andy Shick, the owner, is a very nice person, and really easy to work with. For more information about ADS, click the link below.

Smoodz – Smooth Mood Essentials

If you are looking for some nice gifts for your bridal party, or something for the holidays, I would recommend Smoodz!

I have used the services of this company for a few years, and the products are really nice. I have given gift bags away at some of my events, including charity events, and wedding receptions. Smoodz offers a nice selection of bath and body products, candles, and floral designs.

For more information, visit the website:

Event Planner – Divine Celebrations

Generally, we DJs don’t normally endorse event/wedding planners because of a history of less than favorable differences of opinions. But, in recent years, I have had the pleasure of meeting a group of planners that have a better understanding of the entertainer’s role in wedding receptions.

My focus, in particular, is Erin Calvimontes, owner of Divine Celebrations.

Erin is a very detailed individual. She has an outstanding background in event planning, and a very good friend of mine. She has eased my mind about working with bridal planners, and has provided me with the insight of what her job is all about, while understanding mine as well. She is an absolute pleasure to work with, and I would definitely recommend her services! Here is an excerpt from her website:

Erin Calvimontes PBC™- Owner/President, Co-Director ABC-WPA is a certified, Professional Bridal Consultant™ through the Association of Bridal Consultants and the co-director of ABC-WPA. She has been in the wedding and event industry for over 25 years with a background as a professional wedding photographer, corporate / special events planner and event management back in her home town of Chicago. Erin has extensive on-going education in this field including courses in World Religions, attending vendor information trainings, as well as seminars and conferences around the country through out the year. She is also a member of the International Women’s Association of Pittsburgh- IWAP.

Erin and her staff want to help others truly enjoy their weddings and events. They fully enjoy giving clients the opportunity to have their event “their way” working clients dreams into their budget and watching clients enjoy their event that was created just for them.

Divine Celebrations is committed to their client’s full time. They take their clients ideas and visions and help make their event dreams a reality while working within their budget. The Divine Celebrations team has spent countless hours interviewing vendors and venues from the surrounding Pittsburgh area so their clients have the benefit of saving time and money, while reducing stress during the planning of their big day. Erin is one of the only “Professional Bridal Consultant™ ” in the city of Pittsburgh trained to help with as much or as little as her clients need. From proper etiquette and traditions to proper placement of the Chuppah, Divine Celebrations has hundreds of resources for their clients to help make their wedding day and event day un-forgettable.

Our team has worked on events such as; A Glimmer of Hope- Bid for Hope, along with hosts Julie and Allen Faneca (#66 of the Pittsburgh Steelers) along with the support from many of the Steelers players helping to raise funds for breast cancer research. Our team also brought joy to many families of the Golf Coast Connection, an organization who assists displaced families after the Katrina disaster. We organized their holiday party- “Home for the Holidays” transforming office space into a winter wonderland and a good old fashioned New Orleans style Christmas Extravaganza!

Chuck Brown photography

Chuck Brown is a very talented photographer, with an exquisite eye for detail. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him in early 2009. He has a shining personality, and is a consummate professional.
Chuck is also a very talented writer, devoted family man, and an honest man of god. Very nice person to be around!

I recommend Chuck Brown for any of your photographic needs.